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Line Pipe Spot Market Price Report

The Line Pipe Spot Market Price Report is a clearinghouse of spot prices for line pipe, detailing current and historical pricing trends for the most popular domestic and imported line pipe items used in the US.  It is used by many in the industry to monitor changes in today's market. It is also a valuable tool for business planners and analysts that utilize correlations and trend analysis to project internal performance. Each report includes an average price for the most popular sizes of pipe, plus statistics on the key market drivers of the line pipe industry.

Also featured is our Key Market Factors section, which provides a concise presentation of the drivers to the line pipe industry. The data includes a history of shipments, imports, active rigs, and other critical drivers to line pipe pricing. The NASPD Distributor's Index is also included in this report.  This diffusion index provides expectations by those most closely aligned with the market in terms of demand and supply, offering an assessment of whether the current market is contracting or expanding.  Business analysts and planners find this information critical to identifying potential changes in the industry.

A year-long subscription to the Line Pipe Spot Market Price Report includes 12 issues, delivered in PDF format. This report is published monthly as soon as the data is consolidated, so you get the most up-to-date information.

The Line Pipe Price Report provides average spot market prices for 36 categories of pipe.  Below is a complete list of reported items. Pipe is grouped into 6 size ranges, and is also grouped by domestic and imported items as well as finish (ERW or Seamless).  Average prices over the past 3 months for each category are provided in the report.    All prices are reported on a dollar per short ton ($/ton) basis.

Grade/Size Domestic Foreign/Import
3" - 4"          
6" - 8"          
12" - 16"          
18" - 24"          
2" - 4"          
6" - 10"          
12" - 24"          
*All prices are reported on a dollar per short ton ($/ton) basis.

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You can request a sample from our Customer Service Team by emailing us using the button to the right.
What is the format for the reports?
The reports are in PDF format.
What is the release schedule for the reports in my subscription?
The release schedule for the Line Pipe Spot Market Price Report is the last at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.
How do I access the reports in my subscription?
The current report is accessible through our website’s secure user login.  The subscriber may view, print or download the report as needed.
How soon will I receive access to my report(s)? 
Subscribers receive access once payment is processed and client account is approved.  For fastest access, please use a credit card.  For credit card users, access is granted within one business day.
Can I get historical data/archived issues?
Historical data and archived issues are not included with your subscription. Select historical data and reports are available for purchase for our subscribers.  Please contact our office for details.
What type of license do I need?
The type of license you will need depend upon how many people within your company will be using the report.
Single User License: 1 user only. This person may use the report on any computer or mobile device, and may print out the report, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons.
Corporate License: This license allows for use of a report for your company’s non-commercial internal purposes.  Reports may be used by an unlimited number of people within the same company worldwide. The report may also be placed on your company intranet for use by all employees of the purchasing company. Each user may print out the report for the development of internal documents, corporate presentations, educational tutorials, and other non-commercial printed and electronic formats, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons outside of the company.
How long is my subscription for?
Pipe Logix subscriptions are for one year from date of purchase.
Can I purchase a single report?
At the present time, single reports cannot be purchased online.  Only year-long subscriptions are sold online.  If you are interested in purchasing an individual report, please contact our office for pricing and details.
Can I pay via an alternate method, like company check or wire transfer?
Yes. Simply place your order using the “Pay Offline” button, select company check, ACH or wire transfer.  An order confirmation will then be emailed to you.  For clients wishing to pay by wire transfer, our banking details will be emailed to you separately.  Please note that we require payment to be received in full before you can have online access to the reports.


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