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OCTG Worldwide Demand Report

Demand for OCTG follows drilling activity up and down through the cycles of the oil industry.  However, planning for such cycles with any level of detail requires modeling drilling activity by region and applying typical casing point elections and trends.  The OCTG Worldwide Demand report by Pipe Logix provides such analysis.  Featuring an updated demand forecast through 2020, it is a valuable tool for executive management, strategic planners and analysts in the OCTG industry.

This 100+ page report covers OCTG demand in every region of the world but the focus of the report is on the regions within the US. The report is filled with analysis, tables and charts that culminate with estimated OCTG demand in feet and tons for the following US regions:  Rocky Mountain, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Mid Continent, Western US, Eastern US, and Permian.  The demand is further split by diameter according to sampling in each region.  Additionally, individual basins are detailed in the report for several of the regions. The details show drilling history, forecast and the estimated OCTG demand for each area.  

I.Executive Summary pg. i

II. Introduction & Methodology pg. 1

III. United States pg. 2

1. Mid Continent pg. 4

Woodford Shale pg. 8

Granite Wash pg. 14

Mississippian pg. 19

Barnett pg. 23

Haynesville pg. 26

Fayetteville pg. 29

2. Gulf Coast pg. 31

Eagle Ford pg. 34

South Louisiana pg. 38

Other Texas pg. 39

Southeast US. pg. 41

3. Rocky Mountain Region pg. 42

DJ Niobrara pg. 44

Williston pg. 48

Piceance pg. 52

Uintah pg. 54

Other Rockies pg. 56

4. Permian pg. 58

5. Gulf of Mexico pg. 64

6. Eastern US pg. 70

Marcellus pg. 72

Utica pg. 75

Appalachia pg. 79

7. Western US 81

IV. US Total pg. 84

V. Canadian Market pg. 88

VI. International Markets pg. 99

VII. Worldwide OCTG Marketpg. 105

VIII. Appendix – US Market Tablespg. 106

IX. Appendix–Disclaimer/About Pipe Logixpg. 109

A sample for this product is not currently available for download. You can request a sample of this report from our Customer Service Team using the Contact Us button to the right.
What is the format for the reports?Single license includes 1 printed copy, (shipping charges included).  Corporate subscription includes 2 printed copies (shipping charges included), a digital PDF version of the report, and supporting data spreadsheets which are updated quarterly.
What is the release schedule for the reports?The OCTG Worldwide Demand Report is released annually in   September.  For corporate subscriptions, data is updated in December, March, and May.
How do I access the reports in my subscription?For corporate subscribers, the report and supporting spreadsheets are accessible through our website’s secure user login. The subscriber may view, print or download the report as needed.  Single subscriptions will be mailed a   printed copy.
How soon will I receive access to my report(s)?Subscribers receive access once payment is processed and client account is approved.  For fastest access, please use a credit card.  For credit card users, access is granted within one business day.  
What type of license do I need?The type of license you will need depend upon how many people within your company will be using the report.
Single User License: 1 user only. This person may use the report on any computer, and may print out the report, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons.  
Corporate License: This license allows for use of a report for your company’s non-commercial internal purposes.  Reports may be used by an unlimited number of people within the same company worldwide. Report may also be placed on your company intranet for use by all employees of the purchasing company. Each user may print out the report for the development of internal documents, corporate presentations, educational tutorials, and other non-commercial printed and electronic formats, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons outside of the company.
Can I pay via an alternate method, like company check or wire transfer?  Yes.  Simply place your order using the “order by fax” button, select wire transfer or company check.  An invoice will then be emailed to you.  For client’s wishing to pay by wire transfer, our banking details will be located on your emailed invoice.  Please note that we require payment to be received in full before you can have access to the reports.


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