Custom Research

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Market Analysis Personalized To Your Needs

Some client companies have found a periodic need for custom business and market analysis. This may be a quick "ball park" analysis of a market for new technologies, an overview of markets for new management, or developing presentations for executive management. Pipe Logix can provide support on a contract basis thereby providing experienced analysts on a part time basis.

A few easy steps to determine if your project warrants custom market research

1. Typically begins with a phone conversation to understand the scope and information needs
2. We then provide a written proposal showing deliverables, timing and cost of the research (usually bid on a not-to-exceed basis)
3. A follow-up conversation provides the final adjustment to the proposal
4. With the client's approval of the proposal, Pipe Logix will commence the research

We pride ourselves in providing a clear proposal and only taking on projects that may be completed successfully. Most of our custom research is repeat business, a result of delivering results that are beyond the framework of the proposal but within the timeframe.

If you're wondering if your project is a candidate for custom market research, contact us to find out. We will candidly discuss the feasibility of researching your project.

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